Design Plans FL

My design plans cover overall style, a color palette for walls and fabrics, furniture dimensions and placement, accessories, and even original art.

One of the functions of the design plan is to help prioritize purchases. Having a design plan means that you won’t be tempted to buy furniture pieces on impulse that, once delivered, do not fit where you intended them to be or clash with your existing pieces.

Working with a plan means that color and style will flow from room to room and ensure that the end result, no matter how long it takes you to complete it, will be cohesive and attractive.

Challenge: Creating privacy when your windows are at the front of the house, while adding a sense of style to your interior.

There are many ways to accomplish privacy, but one of the more beautiful ways is to use window shadings. Think of them as soft and elegant horizontal blinds. Instead of wood, window shadings have fabric “slats” (vanes) enveloped in sheer fabric.

Open the vanes to enjoy the view…close the vanes to maintain your privacy. It is an elegant look that makes a statement when used by itself, in a minimalist way. Or, it can be the first step toward a layered window treatment.

There are so many reasons to use mirrors in our homes, other than the conventional ways: To bring artistic style to our walls; to reflect a beautiful view; and to fool the eye into believing there is another room beyond, are but a few.

As a decorative touch, unusually shaped and decorated mirrors add an artistic element different from artwork.

A room with rectangular artwork on every wall may feel a bit heavy with repetition, but hang a sunburst mirror on one of those walls and suddenly the room comes alive as the mirror reflects bits and pieces of the colorful artwork on the other walls, creating a kaleidoscope of color and shapes.

Eclecticism is how we live today. It derives from a life well-lived and the certain special objects that one has collected throughout that life.

The key to a successful eclectic environment is to have one distinct style throughout the house, whether contemporary or any other particular style, then adding those special pieces as ‘art’.

If your interest is towards antique furniture let’s say, one very special piece in a contemporary setting can be regarded as sculpture. Similarly, if you collect contemporary black and white drawings, a grouping framed in exquisite ornate frames will energize a period room.